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About Home FurEver

Home FurEver is a non-profit, no-kill, foster based canine rescue that takes in all dog breeds. The group was
officially started in 2003 and has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed almost 4,500 dogs and puppies. We do not discriminate against any dog or any breed; we give everyone a chance to live a normal healthy life. 

Our dogs primarily come from the rough streets of Detroit. We find some as strays running the streets or in abandoned houses or automobiles. There are occasions when a dog rescued is in very poor health. Other groups may humanly euthanize the dog, but our dedicated vets do everything they can to save our dogs so they can start their lives over with a loving family. We also take in dogs periodically from kill shelters, other rescues and owner surrenders. All of our financial support for food and veterinary care is from generous donations and fundraising. At any given time, Home FurEver could have anywhere from 90-130 dogs that are in foster care. That makes us one of the largest foster based rescues in the metro area. That also means that we are always looking for more donations, more volunteers and more foster parents.  Our mission is simple; give every dog a chance to find its FurEver home.

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