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About Canal Fulton Gymnastics

Canal Fulton Gymnastics athletes learn many valuable qualities inherently from the sport of gymnastics. Qualities such as self discipline (knowing what work is to be done in order to achieve a goal), self motivation (working hard because they want to), respect (for the sport of gymnastics, teammates and coaches) and sportsmanship (playing by the rules, learning how to deal with failure, and winning graciously). Still more qualities are: dedication, leadership, concentration, time management, team work, friendship, gracefulness, nutritional awareness, and physical fitness. Gymnastics excellence means becoming the best you can be individually. To achieve this excellence takes setting goals (long and short range), and an incredible amount of effort to achieve those expectations. At Canal Fulton Gymnastics each gymnast can expect a rigorous, regimented program. We will strive to be the best, recognizing the fact that...

If it’s worth doing at all - It’s worth doing right!

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