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About Illinois Shorthair Rescue

Illinois Shorthair Rescue is a nonprofit organization headquartered in northern Illinois. We were founded in 2005. Each year ISR finds homes for more than 60 orphaned GSPs. Our officers, directors, and foster homes are made up of volunteers who reside throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. We will consider applicants in adjacent states, assuming we have a volunteer available for a home visit. We cannot, however, do long distance adoptions. Our rescue efforts are managed out of our own homes and are juggled with our careers and family. Through telephone interviews, veterinary reference checks, and on-site home visits, ISR volunteers work extremely hard to place our dogs with the best suited family. Our goal is that the new home will be the dog’s final home.

ISR’s expenses are funded through our adoption fees, fund-raising efforts, and donations. Your support is greatly appreciated, and your contributions are tax deductible.

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