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About The Princess Buttercup Foundation

The Princess Buttercup Foundation ("PBF") is a New Jersey corporation formed in October 2010 by Valerie Paster. We will be applying for our 501(c)3 status shortly. PBF was inspired by a dog Valerie met at a kill-shelter that would have been put to sleep if she had not intervened. If you couldn't have guessed, the dog's name was Princess Buttercup. From there, Valerie decided it was time for her to make some sort of change for "pit bull" dogs in shelters, and from there formed her own rescue group like she had always wanted to do.

PBF is a very small, all volunteer-based organization with no facility at this time. PBF can only accommodate a few dogs at a time due to lack of available foster homes and funds. While PBF would never turn away a dog based on their breed, appearance, health, or age, our main focus is to rescue, train, re-home, and promote "pit bull" dogs. PBF also holds a firm belief on providing humane education classes on animal kindness, care, and safety to children and teens.

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